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About company

Our company is the official representative of three international companies (Kersia Group-Antigerm, Green-Chemicals, HB Fuller) in Azerbaijan. Short information about the companies that we offer:

“Kersia” company is the 3rd largest company throughout the world in the food sector and is engaged in disinfecting and cleaning of manufacturing areas such as food, greenhouses and farms. In this regard, we cooperate with foremost milk, fruit juice, meat product and broiler manufacturers in Azerbaijan.

“Green Chemicals” company provides sales and service of chemicals to protect spaces wherever water circulates in industry such as water treatment systems (RO, softener), open and closed water circuits, heating and cooling systems, cooling towers, boilers and generators, as well as open and closed swimming pools from problems such as incrustation, limescale, corrosion, rust, engineering services and supply of chemicals.

“HB Fuller” company produces any kinds of adhesives, boxes, covers, drinking straws, label adhesives used in the food sector.

All 3 companies’ product quality complies with local and European standards.

We assure that we will be able to cooperate with you from the beginning of production to the final packaging stage in the fields of engineering, service and sales for the products that we offer. Contact us to provide you with detailed information about the services and products that we offer.